Pleated Blinds are a very versatile blind, they suit both modern and traditional houses and are very popular in conservatories.

We have a huge selection of 20mm pleated blind fabrics ranging from standard to fabrics with performance coatings (SPF, SPC, ESP), Solar reflective Coatings and Energy saving fabrics. These cut out harmful UV rays and can help protect furniture & flooring from sun damage, as well as reducing glare and heat build up. Also helping to prevent heat escaping in the winter.

Cut out harmful UV rays & sun damage

Our Pleated Blinds are made to the highest standards and have a multitude of different operating options. Crank, Electric, Cord, Chain, Manual Operation and many more.

The cording system used is of a high quality Kevlar coated steel for roof applications. They are perfect for conservatory roofs, Apex windows, Sloping windows as well as standard windows giving a neat and tidy finish.